Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ways the Earthmoving Industry can Benefit from the Use of Dome Shelter

A dome shelter in Australia is an excellent piece of equipment to have if you work in the earthmoving industry. These shelters help to keep equipment, goods and personnel safe and dry as earthmoving work is underway. Below, you will find a quick guide to some of the hot topics affecting this industry. As you can see technological advancements and an emphasis on being proactive with initial blasts is top of the agenda for many people in the earthmoving industry.
 A move to more proactive blasting techniques
 More and more mining companies, particularly in South Africa but also in other countries such as Australia, are shifting towards a more proactive approach with their blasting technology. In particular, a bold initial blast is currently being favoured as the technique of choice.

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Monday, December 26, 2016

3 Great Reasons to Consider Container Shelters For Your Next Worksite

When planning a new project, providing your workers with adequate shelter from the elements is important. Not only do worksite shelters protect your employees from harsh weather, but they can also help boost productivity and save you money. Below are three great reasons to consider using container dome shelters for your next worksite.
 They're Versatile
 A container shed can be used for a wide variety of applications on a worksite. Whether you need shelter for storage, maintenance, or even a workshop, container dome shelters have you—and your team—covered. The steel-framed, fabric-covered sheds can be easily installed on any surface, from dirt to a concrete slab.

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Friday, December 23, 2016

Smart and Savvy Shelters: Living and Working Under a Container Dome

Industrial operations, farming and food processing, mining and a few other initiatives usually require a large number of people to work outdoors, in a location far removed from populated areas, mainly due to the scale or type of operations. Lack of proper infrastructure to house regular staff or seasonal hires is a prime concern in such cases, especially when companies require employees to be present on site permanently or until specific tasks are completed.
 Similarly, there is a lack of desk space, office setup, and workshops for supervisory and record-keeping personnel. A container dome or shade dome come in quite handy to address these concerns.

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Various Advantages of Container Domes for the Shipping Industry

Shipyard workers and other maritime workers spend plenty of time out in the elements. Both they and their equipment need to be kept safe and dry no matter what the weather is like. A simple solution in this context is using container domes to safeguard both equipment and personnel in the shipping industry. Below, you will be able to find out all about the key advantages of using shipping site shelter solutions.
 Portability and relocatability
 By its very nature, the shipping industry involves personnel, boats and goods moving from one shore to another. Fortunately, container domes are very easy to disassemble, store, transport and reassemble wherever they are needed.

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Three Places Where High-Quality Dome Shelters Can Be Extremely Useful

If there’s one thing that distinguishes Australia from the rest of the world, it’s the fact that it thrives despite being the most arid. Aussies owe it to the country’s abundant physical resources, including iron-ore, gold, natural gas, and coal. Australia is also a major exporter of a wide variety of agricultural products.

With the country’s unstoppable advancements, there’s a steady need for dome shelter construction in various industries that contribute to the economy. Here are three common places where dome shelters can be very useful.

Mining Site

A mining site is an organized community with workers and machines working together in harmony. If either of them fails, the entire operation can be compromised. Read more from this blog:

The Different Functions of a Container Shed in a Plant or Mining Site

Industrial plants and mining sites require roofed structures to support a wide range of onsite activities. Considering that operations in these places may entail constant relocation of facilities, owners and builders are looking for an option that is easy to build and dismantle. This has led them to the container domes, a structure made of metal frames and sheets put together using nuts and bolts.

Unlike concrete structures, container domes are very easy to install, since they don’t require complex masonry work and a significant curing time. The components can simply be delivered to the site premade and installed. The entire process can take just one day to finish depending on the size and number of the dome to be put up. Read more from this blog:

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Shelter and Storage: Container Dome Features You Need to Know About

The success of a business, or any endeavor for that matter, mainly depends on the distribution of resources and the way such resources are maximised and maintained. This is why big businesses, particularly major industries including agriculture, mining, construction, and aviation have to invest in solutions and systems to protect their assets. So when it comes to protecting their heavy machinery, specialised equipment, supplies, vehicles and even employees, industrial companies count on high-quality container dome shelters to do the job.

Container domes, also known as igloo shelters, from established companies like Container Domes Australia can be customised to meet the specific needs of businesses—big or small. Read more from this blog:

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Protect Workers from Extreme Heat this Summer with Container Domes

Australian summers are hot, and if the heat gets too extreme, your people may suffer. According to an ABC news article, heat has killed more Australians than all other natural hazards combined. Companies with workers who work outdoors need to ensure the protection of their workers from the elements, and one of the most effective ways to do so is to provide them with onsite container domes. Whether working on a project temporarily or from start to finish, container domes can be necessary for your people. Here’s why:

Australian summer temperatures can reach 50 degrees Celsius

In the middle of summer where temperature can reach 50 degrees Celsius, the onset of dehydration among workers poses a definite risk. Read more from this blog:

Thursday, November 10, 2016

How Using Dome Shelter can Help Solve the Problem of On-Farm Storage

In as little as 10 years, grain storage in the east of Australia is expected to grow by as much as 50 percent on farm. While this is good news, it does pose some logistical issues for the farm owners. Unless they prepare a solution for it, they may end up handling more grains than they could every really deal with.

Handling Grains

What’s most important in handling agricultural yields, such as grains, is to ensure that they are kept dry and stored well away from the scorching heat of the sun. Put them on the ground and soil moisture can make its way to the grains inside the sack, thereby compromising its quality. Leave it under the heat of the sun and it’s bound to deteriorate faster, too. Read more on this article:

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Installing the Container Shelters that Can Meet Your Mine Site Needs

A mining site, no matter the type, usually consists of a range of facilities to support various operational needs. There should a place where laboratory works can be safely done, a wide area for storing machinery, and sleeping quarters for stay-in workers. These facilities, however, must be designed to be temporary structures only, considering the likelihood of immediate need for relocation or change in the site’s infrastructure.

You will rarely find mining sites that have fixed buildings stood on them. Most have container shelters, temporary facilities that are made up of well-assembled metal frames and sheets. The frame and bracing of a high-quality container shelter are usually made from tough metals, such as galvanized steel, while the walls and roof are made from a special fabric cover designed to reduce heat and cool. Read more on this article:

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Invest in a Container Dome to Store Agricultural Chemicals Properly

It’s not surprising to see farms using agricultural chemicals, such as solvents, fuels, herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides, among many others. These chemicals are actually beneficial in maintaining the health of crops and are vital in the production of high-quality produce.

The use of chemicals in farms, though commonplace, pose health risks to farmers. Both direct and indirect exposure to these vehicles can lead to a variety of health effects, including headaches, burns, and even nervous system disorders. Farm owners have the responsibility to ensure that their farmers won’t suffer from these adverse effects, and should consider the use of a container dome as a storage area for chemicals. Read more on this article:

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Benefits of Relocatable Site Shelter for Industrial Applications

Various industries have been using container domes for different purposes, mainly to provide an alternative to erecting traditional structures in faraway locations, often with inhospitable conditions. Typically, these shelters are used to provide temporary bunk camps or work housing, mobile offices and clinics, storage for equipment, raw materials, or heavy machinery, and temporary construction sites. When a project is over, the shelters can be disassembled and stored or transported to the next location.

The benefits that a relocatable site shelter provides are many and varied compared to those offered by more permanent structures. Using a relocatable shelter that is easy to assemble and disassemble does not equate to using flimsy materials; on the contrary, these shelters are made to withstand strong winds and sweltering heat to protect their contents. Read more on this article:

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Industries that Use Dome Shelters Amid the Collapse of the Mining Boom

For years, Australia’s heavy industries have made use of the durable flexibility of dome shelters. Mining is the obvious one, the petroleum industry, and heavy pipe-laying companies are others. Ancillary industries such as transportation companies, office staff, servicing and maintenance, equipment and vehicle workshops, and accommodation, canteen facilities, and restrooms, all are quickly erected using converted shipping containers and dome shelters. From the red dusty soil of the outback, a small temporary town appears in a matter of days.

With the collapse of the commodities markets, and the slowdown in Chinese demand for Australia’s raw materials, miners and support staff are being laid-off like never before. As the big players in these industries look elsewhere to recoup their losses, what is the future for the many manufacturers of container domes and dome shelters in Australia, who have also relied so heavily on these major industries?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Climate Control: When Does a Container Shed Need to be Climatised?

A container shed can satisfy a variety of commercial and industrial needs. Whether referring to housing heavy-duty machinery or using this structure as an on-site workstation, the applications are nearly limitless.

Now, stand-alone power supplies and generations can be included within the typical facility. This enables customers to carefully maintain the interior environment; an important concern within some sectors.

The Protection of Electronic Equipment

There can be instances when a container shed is employed to temporarily house electronics and sensitive pieces of equipment. As every expert will point out, the presence of moisture can severely damage these components.

While silica gel packs and other methods can be used, it is just as effective to employ the use of a generator to power a dehumidifier within the unit. This is the best way to make certain that electronics will not be harmed from high levels of ambient moisture.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Fulfilling a Huge Need: Fast and Flexible Container Dome Installation

You have to go back over 50 years, to the early 1960s, to find any reference to shipping containers being used for anything other than shipping. While they may well have been used in various locations for standalone storage containers, it was in 1962 the Insbrandtsen Company Inc applied for a patent entitled ‘Combination shipping container and showcase’.

With the patent granted in 1965, the company wished to convert shipping containers to exhibition booths, allowing businesses to attend industry and business fairs, showcasing their products from converted containers.

A Wide Range of Applications

Converted shipping containers are used extensively by the military, to provide fast, secure, temporary storage, workshops, and accommodation in conflict areas around the globe.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Earning the Benefits of Adding Security Features for Container Domes

Modern container domes are used throughout Australia for a wide range of industrial applications. Although their capacity to house numerous valuable items cannot be overstated, it is just as important to realise the benefits provided by turnkey security systems.

On-Site Monitoring Capabilities

It is not uncommon for igloo shelters and similar structures to house rather sensitive or expensive equipment. Some common examples here could include farming machinery, industrial parts, lorries and transportation vehicles, and bulk containers being prepared for delivery.

Of course, all of these materials could prove to be very attractive to a would-be thief. This is where the power of closed-circuit television systems comes into play. Not only will this framework proactively monitor the storage unit, but the mere presence of visible cameras can act as a powerful deterrent.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Identifying the Industrial Applications of a Dome Shelter in Australia

Countless businesses are utilising a dome shelter to protect their valuable products while simultaneously bringing a greater amount of security into the workplace. To appreciate the benefits that these structures have to offer, it is very important to examine their nearly limitless applications. Let us take a closer look at this concept.

Mining and Vehicle Protection

Certain environments are known to be particularly harsh in terms of potential damage to sensitive (and expensive) equipment. This is quite common within the mining industry. Dirt, debris, harsh temperatures and exposure to the elements can all quickly contribute to the wear and tear of even the most durable components. This will shorten their lifespan and inevitably cost a company a substantial amount of money. The modern container shelter is fashioned from galvanised steel; providing superior longevity and withstanding changeable weather conditions.


Friday, August 12, 2016

Applications of Container Sheds Within the Industrial Environment

A container shed is a common storage solution used in both residential and commercial spaces. Due to its versatility, it is often used for the same purposes in construction and mining zones as well. What advantages do such shelters offer and why are an increasing number of Australian companies opting for these bespoke sheds?

Personal Protection Equipment

According to a recent article from Industrial Safety and Hygiene News, one of the most neglected safety aspects within the workplace is personal protective equipment (PPE). Part of the reason for this observation is that devices such as hard hats and respirators may not be easily found. The use of a container dome will provide quick access to this equipment when it is required the most. As a result, the number of accidents within an industrial environment could potentially be reduced.


Learn About the Benefits of Container Domes in the Tourism Industry

Tourism has always played a big part in the Australian economy, and visiting the outback is for many the chance to enjoy the ‘real Australia’. Native Australians from the big cities, along with visitors from Asia and Europe, arrive to enjoy everything this massive country has to offer, and included are often organised or self-drive camping trips into the outback.

Over the last few years, visiting the wide open spaces has taken on a new meaning. Nowadays, cattle stations have begun to realise the financial potential of catering for the thousands of visitors who every year want to spend a weekend, week, or longer as a ‘real Aussie’. Many smaller cattle stations have given up rearing beef, and turned their farms into hobby farms for tourists, while other establishments combine farming with their newfound tourist interests.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Use of Container Domes during Crucial Mine Shutdown Processes

The concept of fusing shipping containers with high-quality fabric in a dome shape has led to innovative storage solutions. Container domes have become convenient, cost-effective and flexible structures that a lot of industries are taking advantage of. Dome shelters offer excellent temporary storage solutions that can be customised to cater to a wide variety of applications. The mining sector is one that benefits greatly from their use. Mining is not a permanent activity and after months or years, a site has to close down. Site shelter structures have big roles to play during the shutdown processes of mine sites.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Durable and Efficient Dome Shelters: Much More than a Roof Alone

There are countless businesses that benefits from the use of modern dome shelters and it is important to appreciate some of the features and advantages that these structures can provide.

An efficient dome shelter in Australia boasts many benefits other than its ability to protect interior items from the elements. In fact, these structures are now capable of accommodating even the most demanding of needs thanks to a host of accessories and security features. Let us take a look at a handful of options that customers can choose from.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Get to Know What is the Best Material to have a Durable Container Shed

A container shed can serve a variety of purposes. From long-term storage on a construction site to the ability to protect commercial items from the weather, these enclosures are extremely useful. Thanks to the use of modern materials, customers can now enjoy an unsurpassed level of durability. One example of this can be seen in a substance known as Colorbond®. What benefits does this sheeting provide to the customer?

Thermal Efficiency

Moderating temperatures during the warmer months of the year is a very real concern within many industries. Colorbond contains a technology known as Thermatech, which makes it able to reflect a greater amount of solar radiation. As a result, the interior environment is much cooler than would otherwise be possible.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Giving A Closer Look at Container Dome Installation for Convenient Use

Container dome installation has been mentioned frequently within the construction industry, and for good reason. Although many have observed that such domes can make cost-effective domestic shelters, their use within the commercial and industrial sectors is just as groundbreaking. It is nonetheless prudent to appreciate how these units are installed while examining some of the options that customers can enjoy.

Installing any type of container dome is normally performed with the help of trained professionals. This ensures that the structure will be extremely safe, while the customer is guaranteed that the end results adhere to all of the most relevant Australian building codes. Of course, each property will have its own set of unique specifications, such as the size of the unit and the possibility of obtaining extra accessories.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

On Storage: Creative Uses and Other Applications for Container Domes

Most people automatically think of storage or shelter when they consider the uses for igloo shelters or container domes. While container domes are undoubtedly an ideal storage solution for commercial or industrial purposes, with a little imagination, you can adapt them to dozens of other creative storage applications. Here are some examples:

Create your own studio

Australian container domes are made to last. They're easy to install and able to withstand any type of weather. Plus, if you combine them with shipping containers the possibilities are endless. Perhaps you enjoy painting or pottery and would love to have a studio of your own. Create the space you really want easily and effectively by using igloo shelters as your working space and shipping containers for storage.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

How Product Distribution Becomes an Easy Process with Dome Shelters

For manufacturing companies, distribution is a major segment of their operations. After the production of goods is complete, the company has to ensure that the merchandise arrives at the designated location on time. In the supply chain, space is fundamental. Such a company needs enough space for distribution purposes and this is why manufacturing companies are advised to invest in a dome shelter for additional storage. Affordable Container domes are very affordable and come with a high resale value. Instead of setting up a budget for a permanent warehouse on a given location, a dome will help you save on rental costs. Additionally, for manufacturing companies, the chances are that the distribution of items will be carried out in different locations.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Convenience of Having Container Shelters Placed in Mine Sites

Operations in a mine site are usually tough since workers are expected to work relatively off the grid. The people on the site need to have a steady stream of resources and the ability to maintain all equipment. The main frustration of being far from population centres is a lack of proper storage and workshops to undertake repairs. If you work in the mining industry, you will agree that the chances of having a permanent structure are slim. Also, even having one that is permanent is never convenient for such an industry given that workers may have to move from one region to the other.

Friday, June 10, 2016

A Container Dome is an Efficient and Cost-effective Structure

For people who work in the mining industry, construction, gas, and oil industries understand that the environment can be harsh. At times, the work site may be located far from the headquarters and that not only makes the storage of valuable items tricky but accommodation becomes troublesome too. Most companies choose to hire a warehouse simply because they do not understand the effectiveness of a container dome.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

How Container Domes Can Offer More Storage Control and Flexibility

When it comes to space, mine sites have varying needs. Most operations in different companies cannot function optimally without enough storage space. In fact, for many companies, the demand for additional storage space increases by the day. Container domes or a site shelter are the most viable options for any company. Industries that may require such shelters include manufacturing, distribution, shipping, mining, and others that require large work yards.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Benefits of Using Dome Shelters in Various Big and Niche Industries

The benefits of using container domes in Australia’s heavy industries such as mining, petroleum, gas, and agriculture are well documented. Wide open spaces where work can stretch for miles across harsh, desert type terrain, with no structure for shelter are very common. Using dome covers, with or without containers, provides necessary cover for machinery, equipment, or livestock, while converted containers provide accommodation and respite from the dust and the elements for workers off shift. Dome shelters, however, can be just as cost effective in smaller industries, where shelter from strong sun or heavy rain can make the difference between the success or failure of a business.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Mining Company Can Help Save Energy by Using a Container Shelter

One of the most notable challenges facing Australian mine sites is high energy consumption and lack of proper storage. High exposure to the elements such as the sun and low temperatures can lead to the wear of some mining equipment and supplies. Rather than searching for a remote location where you can store your products, it is necessary to have container shelters installed at your site. In fact, having the temporary containers installed means that you can comfortably relocate with them whenever duty calls. Environmental Issues In this era, mining sites are a tried and true master of environmental hazards. It means that the said industry has to watch its activities carefully and keep the environment healthy and clean. The solution for both the upkeep of the environment and the comfort of the worker is investing in a container.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Installing a Container Dome Allows Control of Mining Storage Space

Mining sites looking for temporary workshops can benefit highly from the use of container domes. The domes cost only a fraction of a brick or newly constructed warehouse, and are easy to install as long as there is ample space. Quick dome installation means that your operations can resume quickly. Onsite Office and Storage for Equipment Heavy machinery and vehicles are the backbones of most mining operations. They have to be kept safe and away from the elements when not in use. No other place can provide a safer storage space as a container dome. Container domes are large enough to accommodate vehicles and tough enough to protect them from the sun and rain. The domes can also be set up to accommodate an onsite office or a lab for your activities. They provide insulation and can even be installed with heating and cooling systems to regulate temperatures.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Solving Manufacturers’ Storage and Inventory Woes with Container Domes

When it comes to space, many manufacturing companies have specific needs. Most operations in these companies cannot function properly without enough space for storage. When a company finds itself in need of extra space, container domes and igloo shelters are easily one of the most viable options. Among the industries that will always require space is manufacturing. Before products can be placed on shelves, they will have to go through various processes. Storage is, in fact, the last stage when it comes to the production of goods, and warehouse requirements for inventory after production have to be met. One problem any industry can face is wrong planning in the warehouse requirements. Such planning involves the calculation of space for the entire process. With flawed planning, you will not have enough space for inventory. In such cases, a dome shelter can offer the needed extra space. The other major problem faced by the companies is overproduction.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Utilising a Dome Shelter in Australia

If you're looking for reasons to get yourself a dome shelter in Australia then you don't have to look too far. They act as amazingly versatile temporary structures and can be used for storage or outdoor work spaces for any number of industries in any number of locales. Since they are easy to transport they are perfect for companies that need a covered space to get work done in the outback, or even for semi-permanent work sites that just need some extra temporary space in which to store materials. Covered Space on Demnd Dome shelters are built specifically for mobility and versatility so getting them to and from remote work sites is no problem at all. The construction of each unit is simple enough that anyone with a small amount of experience in constructing temporary structures can erect them once they are on site with minimal help.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Why Container Sheds Are Practical Temporary Work Space for Work Sites

Working in the field is tough, whether you're out mining, shipping or operating any kind of business that requires you to be relatively off the grid. Logistically speaking, you need to ensure that you have a steady stream of the resources you need as well as the ability to maintain any equipment you need on site. One of the main frustrations of being away from major population centers is the absence of proper workshops and spaces in which to carry out repairs of equipment or to store resources. If you're working on a pipeline in the outback, then the chances of having permanent structures anywhere nearby for you to do maintenance in or use for storage are slim to none. One very applicable solution is using container shelters or container sheds adapted from shipping containers.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How a Container Dome Benefits Manufacturing Companies in Distribution

Distribution is a fundamental part of the manufacturing process. Once a company completes production of goods, it has to ensure that the merchandise gets to the right destination. Space plays a big role in the supply chain. It is one of the factors that affects the efficient distribution of goods. A manufacturing company that requires extra space to facilitate its distribution can consider investing in a container dome. The use of these temporary structures in the distribution process will benefit a company in several ways. Fulfilling Orders One distribution advantage that a manufacturing business gets from using container shelters is fulfilling urgent orders. Industrial companies have permanent structures that cater to most of their processes; however, the location of these buildings may not always be convenient or accessible.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Container Domes Provide Safer, More Cost-Effective Working Environment

Heavy industries across Australia, and those involved in agriculture can all benefit from the use of a combination of shipping container conversions, used in conjunction with container domes. With environmental issues never far from the front pages, and the health, safety, and welfare of company employees having to be considered alongside operational procedures, greater numbers of companies are turning to containers and dome shelters to provide a safer, more cost effective working environment.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Manufacturing Companies Using Container Domes for Temporary Space

Manufacturing companies have very specific needs when it comes to space. A lot of the operations in manufacturing companies cannot go on without the right amount of space. Temporary shelters become viable considerations when a company finds itself in need of more space than it can afford. In Australia, companies can buy container domes to act as temporary shelters for different functions. Why Use Temporary Shelter One benefit that manufacturing businesses get with temporary shelters is that they save money. Some of the operations of a manufacturing company have to be at the same location for convenience. For instance, having the assembly plant and the packaging center in different locations will cost more money. Temporary shelters make it possible to achieve that. Here are some scenarios where manufacturing companies find the need for dome shelters.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Container Shed Solutions Can Fulfill Temporary Space Needs in Airports

Space is a finite resource in just about every industry, and the aviation sector is one of the areas that will always find a need for space. The use of temporary shelters such as container domes becomes necessary in these circumstances. Here are some situations that may necessitate these temporary shelters. Peak Seasons Some times of the year are particularly busy for airports than others. For instance, summer has more people travelling for vacation in most regions. In Australia, rugby season is peak season, which means more travelers. An airport may find itself dealing with more travelers than their permanent buildings can handle during these times. More people stretch the available space resources and may cause delays in departures. A container shelter in such a situation can provide temporary terminals for an airport. The shelters are modular, which mean that an airport can get the design and dimensions that suit its needs.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How Dome Installation Help with Space Constraints in Trucking Ops

In Australia, the haulage of goods from one point to another is commonplace, but the challenge is space constraint and the costly rental and handling of goods. The installation of a container dome comes in handy because your transport firm will get the space needed to carry out its activities smoothly. Here is a look at the sources of space issues and how to handle them with domes. Hazardous Cargo The storage of potentially harmful chemicals and items poses a unique challenge for many transport firms. This problem is mostly experienced by companies that have to hold such items as they wait for customs clearance and other bureaucratic processes since there can be no mixing of dangerous goods with safe ones. If you handle such merchandise frequently, there is a need to invest in a dome to store them. Renting space for such items could eat into your profits because the available storage areas for such merchandise could come at a premium.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Installation of Temporary Loading Dock Space and Container Domes

Any industry finds good use of space because it is one of the most precious commodities. Truck companies are some of the businesses that find themselves in need of a lot of space. Companies that have to ship goods need enough space to conduct their operations. When such businesses need temporary space, dome shelters provide the most viable option. A lot of things take place in loading docks, and sometimes the permanent space available doesn’t meet all those needs. Some of the operations that take place at the loading dock include shipping and receiving of trucks and vans, work spaces for supervisors, and staging areas. A company such as Container Domes Australia can get custom installations for container domes depending on the requirements of the job. Some fundamentals will come to play when getting temporary storage for loading docks.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Important Considerations for a More Functional Storage Dome Shelter

Anyone who works in mining, industrial, construction, and oils & gas knows that the environment can sometimes be quite harsh, hence, the need for temporary shelters. Sometimes the work site could be distant from the headquarters, making it necessary to get domes to store equipment and all other valuable items. When seeking a dome shelter in Australia for your work items, you might be given customised or standard options to choose from. As you come up with the dome’s design, there some considerations that will make your storage container more functional. Durability Your shelter will be constantly exposed to the elements because it will be in a harsh environment. Most installation companies use materials such as steel to make the walls of the containers.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Container Shelters Helps Mining Sites Cut Down on Energy Consumption

We live in an era where the oil industry has, unfortunately, become a tried and true veteran of environmental issues. This means that oil companies of all stripes need to watch what they do more carefully, and do their part in keeping the environment clean and healthy. We also live in a time where workers expect more time at home, but those working out in the oil fields might find themselves there for a week or more at a time. That’s just the nature of the work, and it’s one that hardy oil workers have become used to. But there’s a way to make their time on the oil fields more homely, and even to connect them a little bit with their loved ones.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Protect Your Workers as Well as Your Property with a Container Dome

Designed to stand up to Australia’s weather and climate conditions, container domes can shelter and protect equipment, vehicles, produce, livestock, and feed, making them a useful addition to mining, agriculture, and other outdoor industries. A container dome can also be used to provide a sheltered space for your employees. Whether it’s offices, workshops, or just an area for rest and breaks, shade domes like those from Container Domes Australia can make working conditions more pleasant for manual workers and overseers. Solving Workplace Logistics Issues Heat and sun are two of the biggest problems facing outdoor workers in Australia. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can burn and damage skin quickly, and the effect is increased when the rays are reflected off metal or concrete. Providing shelter for workers can keep them safe from the harmful effects of UV, especially during the middle of the day in the summer months.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Container Domes Make Pipeline Company Construction More Convenient

Pipeline companies are numerous, and they have diverse space requirements. Various processes characterise a pipeline construction and through all those, temporary dome shelters will come in handy. Constructing a pipeline takes time, so a site shelter for whatever need should be strong enough to last the necessary duration. Here are a few instances when a pipeline company will find the necessity of dome shelters. Pre-Construction Shelter Requirements The first phase of a pipeline construction is pre-construction, which is a compilation of other processes. Surveying is the initial procedure when constructing a pipeline. This process allows a pipeline company to clear the right of way and provide a space to set up temporary shelters. A dome will offer the shelter that workers need when doing the survey and staking. The experts responsible for the inspection and supervision can use dome shelters as workspaces.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Importance of Dome Shelters during the First Stages of Mining

Having the right workspace can make a lot of impact on the productivity of workers. Mining involves working with a lot of equipment as well as a big pool of skilled workers. Through the various processes that take place, it is important to provide workers with a place where they can carry out their activities safely and comfortably. In the mining industry, buildings are some of the most significant infrastructures. You can choose dome shelters as viable solutions when looking to facilitate mining processes. You can find sturdy dome shelters for use during the different stages of mining. Many mining companies prefer this type of shelter over erecting traditional buildings at mine sites because the latter is expensive. Available space may also not be sufficient to accommodate a conventional building.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Top Shelter Solutions for Your Packaging Company

When setting up a packaging business, space is a critical factor that you must always keep in mind. One part of the manufacturing process is packing up the goods after production. Whether you serve individuals or corporations, space is a component that your packaging company cannot do without. You may encounter some problems with space when starting your business, and one solution that can help out with the issues is getting a dome shelter. No-Hassle Construction You may have to confront more than a few obstacles when running your packaging company. When starting a packaging business, one thing you have to consider is location. You have to find a place that is convenient for your target market. You may find such a place, but you may not be able to put up buildings to properly operate your business.

Getting the Most Out of Your Dome Shelter Installation

Dome shelters have been effective in providing temporary shelter for many industries. From mining to manufacturing companies, dome shelters solve numerous storage problems. It is important to get the right people to provide the dome installation services you require for your business. A simple mistake during installation could cost you money and could be hazardous as well. There are experts you can call when you need dome installation services in Australia. The beauty of dome shelters is that they are not restrictive geographically. If you want to move your mine site from one place to another, you can do it easily. You can assemble a dome shelter in a few hours, which is convenient. Some limitations that come up when constructing a building are not present during dome shelter installation.

Solve Your Production Storage Issues with Dome Shelters

Many industries consider having the right amount of workspace important in their operations. One such industry where space is of utmost necessity is manufacturing. If you own a manufacturing company, then you understand how necessary space is. Processes at a manufacturing company cannot stop even when there isn’t enough space. If you don’t have ample space to cater to the needs of the business, you have to find solutions that work, and dome shelters provide just what you need. When you require additional sheds for your manufacturing business in Australia or anywhere in the South Pacific, you can get a dome shelter. The Need for Storage during Manufacturing Before products can be put on shelves, they have to go through certain processes of manufacturing. Storage is among the last steps that take place in the production of goods. A manufacturing company has to meet warehouse requirements for its inventory after production.

Solve Your Production Storage Issues with Dome Shelters

Many industries consider having the right amount of workspace important in their operations. One such industry where space is of utmost necessity is manufacturing. If you own a manufacturing company, then you understand how necessary space is. Processes at a manufacturing company cannot stop even when there isn’t enough space. If you don’t have ample space to cater to the needs of the business, you have to find solutions that work, and dome shelters provide just what you need. When you require additional sheds for your manufacturing business in Australia or anywhere in the South Pacific, you can get a dome shelter. The Need for Storage during Manufacturing Before products can be put on shelves, they have to go through certain processes of manufacturing. Storage is among the last steps that take place in the production of goods. A manufacturing company has to meet warehouse requirements for its inventory after production.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Getting the Most Out of Your Industrial Dome Shelter Installation

Some industries such as mining, oil, gas, mining, civil, agriculture, and transport have some of the most demanding work environments. These industries are known to be demanding that members of staff may need to spend days on end at the respective sites. There is also the need to store work tools and other materials that are used in these industries. A good shelter comes to help in such instances. Installation Very few people can carry out do-it-yourself exercises on dome shelters. These are best left to dome shelter experts because of delicate matters such as the structural integrity of these structures. Experts like those from Container Domes Australia will advise you on the best dome designs to use for the durability and practicality of the shelters.