Friday, March 11, 2016

Important Considerations for a More Functional Storage Dome Shelter

Anyone who works in mining, industrial, construction, and oils & gas knows that the environment can sometimes be quite harsh, hence, the need for temporary shelters. Sometimes the work site could be distant from the headquarters, making it necessary to get domes to store equipment and all other valuable items. When seeking a dome shelter in Australia for your work items, you might be given customised or standard options to choose from. As you come up with the dome’s design, there some considerations that will make your storage container more functional. Durability Your shelter will be constantly exposed to the elements because it will be in a harsh environment. Most installation companies use materials such as steel to make the walls of the containers.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Container Shelters Helps Mining Sites Cut Down on Energy Consumption

We live in an era where the oil industry has, unfortunately, become a tried and true veteran of environmental issues. This means that oil companies of all stripes need to watch what they do more carefully, and do their part in keeping the environment clean and healthy. We also live in a time where workers expect more time at home, but those working out in the oil fields might find themselves there for a week or more at a time. That’s just the nature of the work, and it’s one that hardy oil workers have become used to. But there’s a way to make their time on the oil fields more homely, and even to connect them a little bit with their loved ones.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Protect Your Workers as Well as Your Property with a Container Dome

Designed to stand up to Australia’s weather and climate conditions, container domes can shelter and protect equipment, vehicles, produce, livestock, and feed, making them a useful addition to mining, agriculture, and other outdoor industries. A container dome can also be used to provide a sheltered space for your employees. Whether it’s offices, workshops, or just an area for rest and breaks, shade domes like those from Container Domes Australia can make working conditions more pleasant for manual workers and overseers. Solving Workplace Logistics Issues Heat and sun are two of the biggest problems facing outdoor workers in Australia. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can burn and damage skin quickly, and the effect is increased when the rays are reflected off metal or concrete. Providing shelter for workers can keep them safe from the harmful effects of UV, especially during the middle of the day in the summer months.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Container Domes Make Pipeline Company Construction More Convenient

Pipeline companies are numerous, and they have diverse space requirements. Various processes characterise a pipeline construction and through all those, temporary dome shelters will come in handy. Constructing a pipeline takes time, so a site shelter for whatever need should be strong enough to last the necessary duration. Here are a few instances when a pipeline company will find the necessity of dome shelters. Pre-Construction Shelter Requirements The first phase of a pipeline construction is pre-construction, which is a compilation of other processes. Surveying is the initial procedure when constructing a pipeline. This process allows a pipeline company to clear the right of way and provide a space to set up temporary shelters. A dome will offer the shelter that workers need when doing the survey and staking. The experts responsible for the inspection and supervision can use dome shelters as workspaces.