Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Benefits of Using Dome Shelters in Various Big and Niche Industries

The benefits of using container domes in Australia’s heavy industries such as mining, petroleum, gas, and agriculture are well documented. Wide open spaces where work can stretch for miles across harsh, desert type terrain, with no structure for shelter are very common. Using dome covers, with or without containers, provides necessary cover for machinery, equipment, or livestock, while converted containers provide accommodation and respite from the dust and the elements for workers off shift. Dome shelters, however, can be just as cost effective in smaller industries, where shelter from strong sun or heavy rain can make the difference between the success or failure of a business.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Mining Company Can Help Save Energy by Using a Container Shelter

One of the most notable challenges facing Australian mine sites is high energy consumption and lack of proper storage. High exposure to the elements such as the sun and low temperatures can lead to the wear of some mining equipment and supplies. Rather than searching for a remote location where you can store your products, it is necessary to have container shelters installed at your site. In fact, having the temporary containers installed means that you can comfortably relocate with them whenever duty calls. Environmental Issues In this era, mining sites are a tried and true master of environmental hazards. It means that the said industry has to watch its activities carefully and keep the environment healthy and clean. The solution for both the upkeep of the environment and the comfort of the worker is investing in a container.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Installing a Container Dome Allows Control of Mining Storage Space

Mining sites looking for temporary workshops can benefit highly from the use of container domes. The domes cost only a fraction of a brick or newly constructed warehouse, and are easy to install as long as there is ample space. Quick dome installation means that your operations can resume quickly. Onsite Office and Storage for Equipment Heavy machinery and vehicles are the backbones of most mining operations. They have to be kept safe and away from the elements when not in use. No other place can provide a safer storage space as a container dome. Container domes are large enough to accommodate vehicles and tough enough to protect them from the sun and rain. The domes can also be set up to accommodate an onsite office or a lab for your activities. They provide insulation and can even be installed with heating and cooling systems to regulate temperatures.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Solving Manufacturers’ Storage and Inventory Woes with Container Domes

When it comes to space, many manufacturing companies have specific needs. Most operations in these companies cannot function properly without enough space for storage. When a company finds itself in need of extra space, container domes and igloo shelters are easily one of the most viable options. Among the industries that will always require space is manufacturing. Before products can be placed on shelves, they will have to go through various processes. Storage is, in fact, the last stage when it comes to the production of goods, and warehouse requirements for inventory after production have to be met. One problem any industry can face is wrong planning in the warehouse requirements. Such planning involves the calculation of space for the entire process. With flawed planning, you will not have enough space for inventory. In such cases, a dome shelter can offer the needed extra space. The other major problem faced by the companies is overproduction.