Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Dome Shelter Can Help Reduce the Risk of EHL in Dairy and Beef Herds

With Australian farmers and growers being able to provide 93% of the country’s domestic food requirements, while still exporting over 60% of their products, one would think everything in the agricultural garden was rosy.
The reality is not at all as encouraging. Although agriculture and ancillary businesses account for over 10% GDP, many family-owned farms have been sold off, while others try to generate income from the increasing tourist industry. With this in mind, ensuring both dairy and beef herds are maintained in prime condition should be every farmer’s main aim to maximise return on investment.

Excessive Heat Load in Cattle

One pressing problem that farmers face is excessive heat load. Once the air temperature reaches 26C, cows and cattle begin the feel the effects. As it increases, or remains at high levels for a prolonged period of time, the animal begins to suffer. In extreme situations, death can occur. Without some form of shade for the animals to get out of direct sunlight, not only will the animal suffer, but milk yield and body weight will drop, and conception and calving reduce, resulting in less income for the already struggling farmer. 

Using Dome Shelters

With careful planning, a dome shelter can provide a number of benefits for both farmer and animals. Reflecting over 50% of the sun’s rays, the canopy will provide much needed shade. The shelter can be used as a pre-milking area, or even converted to become a full milking parlour. The adaptable dome shelter is available in stock sizes, or can be designed to individual requirements. Head on over to blog page to know more.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Container Shelters Ideal for Makeshift Blasting and Painting Sites

A number of manufacturing and mining operations require blasting and painting to deliver quality products. These two tasks need sufficient space so that workers can reach equipment and move tools around, not to mention a restricted area to provide the necessary containment. Blasting and painting procedures have to be conducted separately from other operations to avoid the contamination of surfaces. A secluded site allows the use of various compounds that do not interfere with the other manufacturing processes. Container shelters make excellent temporary locations for the blasting and painting operations of an industrial or mining company.

Convenient Space Solutions

Building a site for your blasting operations can take a significant period, considering all the regulations it would have to adhere to. A temporary shelter is a cost-effective solution that will minimise the amount of work that a company has to put in to create suitable spaces. Containers do not need painting or other finishing touches to provide excellent service, and that means spending less on their upkeep.

It takes a lot less time to design an igloo shelter than it does to construct a regular space because an installer may only take a few hours to erect the former. Therefore, when under pressure to meet deadlines, temporary containers offer the most satisfactory solutions. Post originally appeared on blog page.

Friday, January 27, 2017

How Investing in a Container Dome Can Help You In Staying Under Budget

For all onsite shelter requirements in Australia, domes are the most cost effective solutions. It is the combination of features such as a robust design, durability, and quick DIY installation that sets them apart from other types of shelters. Additionally, the fact they are easy to relocate, unlike other shelter options, means that they can’t be overlooked.


Are you in need of a solution that will significantly reduce your operation’s footprint? If so, what you need is a dome shelter. By reusing the shade dome, you get to benefit from a sustainable solution that requires little energy and fewer materials to produce. Once you decide to purchase a shelter for your business, it is vital to make a viable choice. First, remember to focus on a modern product that contains all the necessary features. Such a shelter should offer extra space for storing your products, machinery, and warehouse, in addition to an office. Read more on this article.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Dedicated Maintenance Sites with Container Domes for Varied Sectors

Equipment is a big resource for many companies. Whether it’s manufacturing, shipping, aviation, or mining, the machinery in use makes all the difference. The condition of these machines determines the quality of operations, and that is why maintenance is such a significant function. By providing servicing, cleaning, repairs, and other maintenance measures, business owners ensure that employees work with machines that are in their best conditions. The complexity of most of these devices, however, requires enterprises to designate areas where engineers and other servicing personnel can gain access without restrictions. Container domes come in handy when a company needs to get on-site maintenance space. What are the upsides of getting portable shelters in such circumstances?

Extras to Suit Specific Requirements

The maintenance space prerequisites of an aviation firm are not the same as those of a mining company, and that is why personalisation is so crucial. A site shelter can be installed with any number of extras to cater to the demands of the tasks at hand. If a maintenance schedule lasts through several days and nights, then a dome can be fitted with solar power. You can install LED lights to make work less stressful for operators. Read more from this blog.