Sunday, August 14, 2016

Identifying the Industrial Applications of a Dome Shelter in Australia

Countless businesses are utilising a dome shelter to protect their valuable products while simultaneously bringing a greater amount of security into the workplace. To appreciate the benefits that these structures have to offer, it is very important to examine their nearly limitless applications. Let us take a closer look at this concept.

Mining and Vehicle Protection

Certain environments are known to be particularly harsh in terms of potential damage to sensitive (and expensive) equipment. This is quite common within the mining industry. Dirt, debris, harsh temperatures and exposure to the elements can all quickly contribute to the wear and tear of even the most durable components. This will shorten their lifespan and inevitably cost a company a substantial amount of money. The modern container shelter is fashioned from galvanised steel; providing superior longevity and withstanding changeable weather conditions.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Applications of Container Sheds Within the Industrial Environment

A container shed is a common storage solution used in both residential and commercial spaces. Due to its versatility, it is often used for the same purposes in construction and mining zones as well. What advantages do such shelters offer and why are an increasing number of Australian companies opting for these bespoke sheds?

Personal Protection Equipment

According to a recent article from Industrial Safety and Hygiene News, one of the most neglected safety aspects within the workplace is personal protective equipment (PPE). Part of the reason for this observation is that devices such as hard hats and respirators may not be easily found. The use of a container dome will provide quick access to this equipment when it is required the most. As a result, the number of accidents within an industrial environment could potentially be reduced.

Learn About the Benefits of Container Domes in the Tourism Industry

Tourism has always played a big part in the Australian economy, and visiting the outback is for many the chance to enjoy the ‘real Australia’. Native Australians from the big cities, along with visitors from Asia and Europe, arrive to enjoy everything this massive country has to offer, and included are often organised or self-drive camping trips into the outback.

Over the last few years, visiting the wide open spaces has taken on a new meaning. Nowadays, cattle stations have begun to realise the financial potential of catering for the thousands of visitors who every year want to spend a weekend, week, or longer as a ‘real Aussie’. Many smaller cattle stations have given up rearing beef, and turned their farms into hobby farms for tourists, while other establishments combine farming with their newfound tourist interests.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Use of Container Domes during Crucial Mine Shutdown Processes

The concept of fusing shipping containers with high-quality fabric in a dome shape has led to innovative storage solutions. Container domes have become convenient, cost-effective and flexible structures that a lot of industries are taking advantage of. Dome shelters offer excellent temporary storage solutions that can be customised to cater to a wide variety of applications. The mining sector is one that benefits greatly from their use. Mining is not a permanent activity and after months or years, a site has to close down. Site shelter structures have big roles to play during the shutdown processes of mine sites.