Friday, April 22, 2016

Utilising a Dome Shelter in Australia

If you're looking for reasons to get yourself a dome shelter in Australia then you don't have to look too far. They act as amazingly versatile temporary structures and can be used for storage or outdoor work spaces for any number of industries in any number of locales. Since they are easy to transport they are perfect for companies that need a covered space to get work done in the outback, or even for semi-permanent work sites that just need some extra temporary space in which to store materials. Covered Space on Demnd Dome shelters are built specifically for mobility and versatility so getting them to and from remote work sites is no problem at all. The construction of each unit is simple enough that anyone with a small amount of experience in constructing temporary structures can erect them once they are on site with minimal help.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Why Container Sheds Are Practical Temporary Work Space for Work Sites

Working in the field is tough, whether you're out mining, shipping or operating any kind of business that requires you to be relatively off the grid. Logistically speaking, you need to ensure that you have a steady stream of the resources you need as well as the ability to maintain any equipment you need on site. One of the main frustrations of being away from major population centers is the absence of proper workshops and spaces in which to carry out repairs of equipment or to store resources. If you're working on a pipeline in the outback, then the chances of having permanent structures anywhere nearby for you to do maintenance in or use for storage are slim to none. One very applicable solution is using container shelters or container sheds adapted from shipping containers.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How a Container Dome Benefits Manufacturing Companies in Distribution

Distribution is a fundamental part of the manufacturing process. Once a company completes production of goods, it has to ensure that the merchandise gets to the right destination. Space plays a big role in the supply chain. It is one of the factors that affects the efficient distribution of goods. A manufacturing company that requires extra space to facilitate its distribution can consider investing in a container dome. The use of these temporary structures in the distribution process will benefit a company in several ways. Fulfilling Orders One distribution advantage that a manufacturing business gets from using container shelters is fulfilling urgent orders. Industrial companies have permanent structures that cater to most of their processes; however, the location of these buildings may not always be convenient or accessible.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Container Domes Provide Safer, More Cost-Effective Working Environment

Heavy industries across Australia, and those involved in agriculture can all benefit from the use of a combination of shipping container conversions, used in conjunction with container domes. With environmental issues never far from the front pages, and the health, safety, and welfare of company employees having to be considered alongside operational procedures, greater numbers of companies are turning to containers and dome shelters to provide a safer, more cost effective working environment.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Manufacturing Companies Using Container Domes for Temporary Space

Manufacturing companies have very specific needs when it comes to space. A lot of the operations in manufacturing companies cannot go on without the right amount of space. Temporary shelters become viable considerations when a company finds itself in need of more space than it can afford. In Australia, companies can buy container domes to act as temporary shelters for different functions. Why Use Temporary Shelter One benefit that manufacturing businesses get with temporary shelters is that they save money. Some of the operations of a manufacturing company have to be at the same location for convenience. For instance, having the assembly plant and the packaging center in different locations will cost more money. Temporary shelters make it possible to achieve that. Here are some scenarios where manufacturing companies find the need for dome shelters.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Container Shed Solutions Can Fulfill Temporary Space Needs in Airports

Space is a finite resource in just about every industry, and the aviation sector is one of the areas that will always find a need for space. The use of temporary shelters such as container domes becomes necessary in these circumstances. Here are some situations that may necessitate these temporary shelters. Peak Seasons Some times of the year are particularly busy for airports than others. For instance, summer has more people travelling for vacation in most regions. In Australia, rugby season is peak season, which means more travelers. An airport may find itself dealing with more travelers than their permanent buildings can handle during these times. More people stretch the available space resources and may cause delays in departures. A container shelter in such a situation can provide temporary terminals for an airport. The shelters are modular, which mean that an airport can get the design and dimensions that suit its needs.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How Dome Installation Help with Space Constraints in Trucking Ops

In Australia, the haulage of goods from one point to another is commonplace, but the challenge is space constraint and the costly rental and handling of goods. The installation of a container dome comes in handy because your transport firm will get the space needed to carry out its activities smoothly. Here is a look at the sources of space issues and how to handle them with domes. Hazardous Cargo The storage of potentially harmful chemicals and items poses a unique challenge for many transport firms. This problem is mostly experienced by companies that have to hold such items as they wait for customs clearance and other bureaucratic processes since there can be no mixing of dangerous goods with safe ones. If you handle such merchandise frequently, there is a need to invest in a dome to store them. Renting space for such items could eat into your profits because the available storage areas for such merchandise could come at a premium.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Installation of Temporary Loading Dock Space and Container Domes

Any industry finds good use of space because it is one of the most precious commodities. Truck companies are some of the businesses that find themselves in need of a lot of space. Companies that have to ship goods need enough space to conduct their operations. When such businesses need temporary space, dome shelters provide the most viable option. A lot of things take place in loading docks, and sometimes the permanent space available doesn’t meet all those needs. Some of the operations that take place at the loading dock include shipping and receiving of trucks and vans, work spaces for supervisors, and staging areas. A company such as Container Domes Australia can get custom installations for container domes depending on the requirements of the job. Some fundamentals will come to play when getting temporary storage for loading docks.